493 Days

A Story of Women's Resilience. A documentary project highlighting women’s lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 – 2022.

Finding resilience in the most darkest of times.

Deloitte did a survey of nearly 400 women across nine different countries.

They found seven out of 10 women experienced negative shifts and their routine because of COVID and believe their career progression slowed right down.

Project Info

Project Goal:
Raising awareness and sharing experiences
Start Date:
July 2021


493 Days by The Willcox collective
493 Days by The Willcox collective

Deloitte’s survey we felt came across as rather negative, but it sparked a question in us...

If nearly 82% of the women they surveyed had had negative experiences with the pandemic, what about the positives?

– What about the struggles?
– What about overcoming?
– What about the positive changes women have made in their lives during this time?

This is why we created 493 Days, A Story of Women’s Resilience.

It’s a photography and videography documentary project, where Jemima our CEO and co-founder documented women’s challenges through the pandemic. What their lives were like, how they overcame the changes they made, and the experiences they had in the last 18 months.

This project is now complete and you can watch the documentary film at the top of the page.

We succeeded in interviewing 16 women, and their full stories can be found by scrolling down.

493 Days by The Willcox collective
493 Days by The Willcox collective493 Days by The Willcox collective
493 Days by The Willcox collective
493 Days by The Willcox collective

Why the number 493?

493 days represents the number of days between the first UK lockdown, which starts on the 16th of March, 2020, to the 19th of July, 2021 dubbed Freedom Day.

I feel it is important to reflect on this time, to document the changes in women, what they’ve experienced, how they’ve overcome, what they’ve done to change their lives, and all the struggles they have experienced in such a difficult collectively shared period.

Project Highlights

16 Women Documented
Featuring Paralympic Medalist Danielle Brown
675 Hours of Video Shot
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Key Participants

Below you will find some of the incredible people that made this project what it is today. Click the button below each participants quote to view more content about the participant and the project.

Christine Griffey

“The personality qualities that I drew on… I think resilience has to be the main one.

I think, having suffered from anxiety in the past, I’m terrible for struggling with imposter syndrome.

I don’t often think that I’m capable of dealing with difficult situations.

However, whilst I still don’t remind myself of it as much as I probably should.

Danielle Brown

“I think that I’ve been very lucky because as an athlete, I developed so many different tools and techniques,

which really allowed me to cope with this change.

So for me, it was very much about staying positive in my mindset.

Focusing on the little things, you know.

Alex Wallis

“I really pulled upon my why.

Why am I doing this?

Why am I not just putting myself on furlough and enjoying and trying a new challenge or, just enjoying time for me?

And it was because I have that purpose.

One year on, learn how our participants are doing…

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