493 Days A Story Of Women's Resilience

Danielle Brown
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Danielle Brown #493Days Project The Willcox Collective
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493 Days A Story of Women's Resliance


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Overcoming, strenght through diversity and sharing experiences

Meet Danielle Brown, an athlete and children's book author working in West Yorkshire, UK.

Above you can watch and listen to her interview and below you can find the video transcript.

Introduce yourself

I’m Danielle Brown, I’m an inclusion champion, inspirational speaker, and children’s book author.

Think back to summer of 2019, what were you doing?

2019 was absolutely crazy year for me, I saw so much growth in my business.


What was life like for you?

I was just running up and down the country, like an absolute loon!


Did you have any important plans or milestones in the near future?

The 23rd of March, 2020 was the first day of lockdown, and I, to be honest,

it had started for me the week before. I had a jam-packed week full of events.

Danielle Brown #493Days Project The Willcox Collective
Danielle Brown #493Days Project The Willcox Collective

Do you remember what your day was like on the 23rd March 2020?

So many different emotions, I think it was a bit of a roller coaster.


How did you feel the moment we were all told to stay home?

To be honest, you know, you’ve got the, that whole concept of ‘what do I do?’ You know, how do I adapt?

I think you sort of go into that emergency crisis mode. That, that’s all about trying to find solutions.


What personal qualities did you draw on to keep going?

I think that I’ve been very lucky because as an athlete, I developed so many different tools and techniques, which really allowed me to cope with this change.

So, for me, it was very much about staying positive in my mindset, focusing on the little things, you know.

Danielle Brown #493Days Project The Willcox Collective
Danielle Brown #493Days Project The Willcox Collective

What have you learned about yourself in the last 18 months?

Over the last 18 months there have been many, many challenges, I think one of the big ones staying motivated. I am definitely glass half full.

Sometimes, even in situations that are really challenging and really that long term challenging period as well, I’ve been able to draw the positives out of it.


Do you think you’re a different person from 18 months ago?

Am I a different person to 18 months ago?

That’s such a tough one. I think my whole life, every year, I’ve grown, I’ve learned new things. So I think I’m the same person with an additional skillset.

How are you feeling about the next 18 months?

How am I feeling about the next 18 months?

Do you know what I genuinely don’t know what they’re going to hold. I want to work with what I’ve got, continue to write, you know, for me, that’s my big passion. I love helping particularly young people.

For me that that’s really, really important. Just being a bit more flowing, and a bit more flexible, and figuring it all out as I go along.

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